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Cute crochet! from Ice Box Crochet

Amigurumi still life


Just a tiny Ponyo comic with a little older Ponyo and Sousuke.
These two are good for my heart.


-Earlier, I went to HEB with one of my roommate to buy some Smirnoff and I automatically gave my ID before even asked. The cashier guy looked at me and returned and said, “Here ya go, thank you.” As he proceeded to scan the items, he said, “By the way, I like your last name :).” And my response? “Huh? OH, haha right… Dang. :)”

-After two hours at the library doing homework after 6pmish, even though I don’t even have a class on Thursday, I told my friend, the bus driver, M., that I would troll him, to which I did, but only one acception (I don’t think that’s a word, but whatever) was because it was his birthday, so I would keep him company on all the bus routes till the last ride. He asked me a lot of random, personal questions, but i didn’t mind. I would have thought the past would leave me, but it still lingers. I have to keep telling myself to keep my eyes forward and focus. I feel like I’m starting to like M., but I don’t know. He probably just want to get to know the real me. Sorry, vents. Night.


Robstar snuggle doodle dump! ovo/

They are going to be the death of me. Someone stop me.